With nearly everyone using mobile devices these days, having your website accessible to the mobile world means your business or personal website is not limited to just desktop users for clear viewing. Textus brings over 17 years of development experience into making websites that are available to both traditional and mobile platforms. We can help make your current website mobile ready or create a new one from scratch that incorporates the latest concepts in site design: responsive to any device viewing your content.


Responsive Design - What is it?

Responsive Design means no matter who (or what device) is looking at your website, the content will be displayed appropriately for the window size and device type. Smaller images and briefer content, for example, for small window sizes, which helps reduce bandwidth usage. Full-size images and complete content for desktop windows.

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We also maintain traditional websites and can help troubleshoot any issues or provide new features (interactive forms, online store, content managment system?). See the Services Tab above for what we can do for your website. Check out the Portfolio Tab to find examples of both mobile and traditional sites.

Our contact information is available via the Contact Tab above - send us your needs and/or ideas!

How Many Websites do you need?

With the correct layout designed from the beginning, the answer is ONE! That is the beauty of responsive design - one website that will render appropriate content to the size of the device in use. From TV to wristwatch, responsively designed websites should handle it all.

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How do responsive websites work? Simply resize your browser while looking at this page and you will see the content scale down or up as needed. Look at this site on your phone, tablet or ipad and see the same content correctly resized for the window size. It's that easy.

Customer Comments

I love it! You captured my thoughts exactly and even improved on them. I will put an endorsement for you on linked in and you can quote me on your website. I love the graphics you added. Dice roll on tax made me laugh. I even like what comes up on a google.
Thank you Thank you

-- Lyndy Smith, www.lyndonsmithCPA.com
With regards to your performance on this project, I am pleased...communication has been great!

-- John S. www.699rentacar.com